To put a smile
on everyone’s face®

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SoloVoi was founded in 2020 with the mission – to put a smile on everyone’s face.

SoloVoi’s vision is to create a world where people love their work. We create experiences in a present that take people on a journey of happiness right in the comfort of their offices. All well deserved.

We are a Smart Investment

We know that companies, which are employee centric prosper more than other companies. They are more long term sustainable too. 

Your employees are your greatest asset and so investing in them always pays back. That is why we offer a unique combination of unforgettable, thoughtful gifts, made in style, of quality and handmade taste.

SoloVoi Experiences – Presents that change everything

“You want the world,
we bring it right in the heart of your office.


Italy in your office

We know that you want to offer the world to your employees because they truly deserve it. So we decided to help you bring a region of the world to your offices every Christmas virtually.

Our first stop is Italy. And not just Italy. We envisioned to go deeper into the culture of this amazing country and we decided on Sicily. We chose this region because if you want to know what authentic Italy means, you need to know Sicily. All the architecture, culture, history and most of all the taste of the simple ingredients weave into the creative energy invested into crafting incredible recipes for the Italian delicacies. In each gift you will find a carefully selected variety of some of the most traditional products coming from Sicily…Enjoy!